Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information for parents and teams

What are we known as

Ryde Hunters Hill Cricket Club or ‘The Pirates’.

The club continues the proud tradition of cricket in Hunters Hill and Ryde since 1870 and the commitment by a local cricket club to improve facilities in the local district for families.

What are the Club colours

The PIRATES colours are Blue, Yellow & Red

What does my child need to wear/what gear is required

Cricket whites. The clubs white polo shirt is compulsory.

For U8’s and U9’s – either cricket shorts or long trousers are acceptable.

For U10’s onwards – long trousers are to be worn.

The club offers high quality, reasonably priced Pirates merchandise including floppy hats, shorts and trousers, suitable for all ages.

To purchase PIRATES clothing go to the Registrations and Clothing menu tab and click through to the clothing orders.



In response to COVID safe practices being required since season 20/21 shared equipment (eg: pads and gloves) will no longer be provided in Team Kits

Wearing a helmets is compulsory from U10’s and above.

How do I register

The PIRATES offer online registration only

To register, go to Registrations & Clothing

How are registration fees determined

Our fees are budgeted on a per season basis. Registration fee increases are a result of many factors including, amongst other things, increased costs associated with: equipment, ground hire, insurance and association fees.

By providing quality training facilities, access to professional coaches for all teams U10 and above, along with our pathways program, we aim to offer good value for each seasons registration fees.

What is included in the registration fee
Milo in2cricket

Registration includes a backpack, ball, hat, t-shirt, and Milo giveaways.

U8 & U9 Junior Cricket

Registration includes a blue training t-shirt, cap, drink bottle and match ball.

U10 through to U15 Junior Cricket

Registration includes a blue training polo shirt, cap and drink bottle.

Seniors Cricket, Tim Creer, Masters, City & Suburban

Registration includes blue training polo shirt and cap. For existing players, the registration kit is provided every second year.


We would also like to thank our sponsors who give generously to the club to ensure that our club’s registration fees stay as low as possible.

What age group can my child play in

Age cut off in cricket is 31st August

As an example:

  • If your child turns 7yrs old before the 31st of August, he/she will be in the U8’s
  • If your child turns 8yrs old before the 31st of August, he/she will be in the U9’s and so on and so forth
Can my child play up or down an age group

Yes, but it is recommended players play within their age groups.

Having said that, if an older child plays cricket for the first time a dispensation can be sought to place them in a younger age group.

Ideally, I would like my child to play with his/her friends! Is this possible

Under most circumstances it is no problem. However, it may be difficult to achieve if a team is fully subscribed. In that instance, the new player is offered a spot in another team and we do our best to place them in a team where they have other friends.

When is the cricket season

The cricket season runs mid September/early October through to December, with a break over Christmas the season resumes again in February and goes through to March.

Where do junior teams play

Most games are played locally, around the Hunters Hill, Ryde and Gladesville areas, with occasional games in inner west and north shore.

How about training

Once all player registrations are in, teams are formed and Coaches and Managers are appointed. The Manager will then contact the team and set a time on a week day afternoon at a local park for just over an hour. It is generally set on a day that suits the coach who has volunteered his time. Teams are expected to source their own coach from the parent group. If this is not achievable, parents are required to source their own coach from another source, such as a local high school or university student or a cricketer in the area.

Do I need to offer my assistance to the Club

Yes, if possible, Ryde Hunters Hill Cricket Club greatly appreciates the enthusiastic support of parents as coaches & managers, along with volunteering on the committee and for any events the Club may run.

What is the impact of private schools

The Club is aware that private schools insist the kids play for school first & foremost, so we are committed to minimizing the impact as this is not an issue just for The Pirates but for all Cricket Clubs.

We understand that the children can play for a club if it doesn’t interfere with their school cricket.

As a result of the number of players in the junior competition starting to play for private schools competition from Year 5, the club offers both Saturday AM and Saturday PM competitions along with a Sunday AM competition.

Please indicate your preferences at time of registration.